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The faculty at SBA is a group of caring, Christian professionals who are dedicated to the Lord Jesus and to the spiritual and academic growth of our students. They help to provide a warm and secure atmosphere in which our students can thrive and grow in grace. Each team member is an experienced educator who is excited about teaching. These caring, Christian professionals dedicate themselves to the spiritual and academic growth of our students.

Chancellor & Founder

Pastor Gary Wilkins

School Administrator
&  Secondary Ed Teacher

Pastor Brian Wilkins

School Secretary

Mrs Irina Kushnar


K4 Teacher

Mrs  Maria Gorelov

K5-1st Grade Teacher

Mrs Maeve Wilkins

2nd & 3rd Teacher

Mrs. Mari-Ann Larrabee

4th & 5th Teacher

Miss Connie Calderwood


Elementary Assistant

Mrs Megan Torrance

IMG_3942 (1).jpg

Elementary Assistant

Mrs Heidi Watson

Elementary Assistant

Miss Cindy Higham

Elementary Assistant

Miss Leah Eichhorn

Secondary Ed Teacher

Mrs Cortney Wilkins

Secondary Ed Teacher

Miss Elena Chandler

IMG_3944 (1).jpg

Secondary Ed Teacher

Mr Jerry LiBritz

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